Train your dog perfectly!

Your dog can instantly become an intelligent, well-behaved partner who will perform every command you give him.
All you have to do is use his innate intelligence...

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Turn Your Dog into a Genius!

The care of a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer ensures excellent performance and your dog quickly learns to perform even the most difficult tricks and instructions.

Dog Training - facts all dog owners should know

Dog training is a great adventure for both the animal and its owner. The basic goal for which we train our dogs is to completely subordinate them to man. Only then is it obvious, even desirable for a dog to follow our instructions. Besides, proper training allows us to establish a deeper understanding of the dog and to keep him in the right place in our family hierarchy without any problems.

It is best to start training a dog at around 8 weeks of age, i.e. when it usually comes to our home as a puppy. We should not be afraid that it is too early because a dog that is 7 weeks old can learn just as effectively as an adult dog. Puppies who start training in the first weeks of their lives have far fewer behavioral problems in adulthood than dogs who are trained later. 

It is worth considering what techniques to use to achieve the best possible results. The basic principle used in the training of all animals is that the behaviors for which the animal receives a reward will probably be repeated by them, and those for which it will be punished, will rather not appear. Therefore, when we think about how to raise a dog, it is worth deciding on the techniques used in positive training.

Why is it worth taking a course and what are the benefits?

Our favorite Oscar has always pulled a leash. The dog is already a few years old and I thought it would not be possible to teach him this. I am surprised how quickly we managed to solve this problem! 

I have a small garden where I grow my beloved roses. Unfortunately, our dog Rocky often dug in the ground destroying plants. Today I don't have to worry about it anymore!

My German Shepherd is a beautiful dog, but he never listened to me. Sometimes he could be aggressive to other people. After completing the course he became very obedient and my best friend.